LISA14 – Simplified Remote Management of Linux Servers

I am giving a talk on Simplified Remote Management of Linux Servers at the upcoming LISA14 conference in Seattle, which runs from November 9-14. My talk is 9:45-10:30am on Friday, November 14. LISA is Large Installation System Administration SIG of Usenix.

If you are attending LISA I would enjoy meeting you and discussing anything around system administration, security, and open source in general! Drop me a line and let’s see about scheduling some time.


How do you manage a hundred or a thousand Linux servers? With practice! Managing Linux systems is typically done by an experienced system administrator using a patchwork of standalone tools and custom scripts running on each system. There is a better way to work – to manage more systems in less time with less work – and without learning an entirely new way of working.

OpenLMI (the Linux Management Infrastructure program) delivers remote management of production servers – ranging from high end enterprise servers with complex network and storage configurations to virtual guests. Designed to support bare metal servers and to directly manipulate storage, network and system hardware, it is equally capable of managing and monitoring virtual machine guests.

In this session we will show how a system administrator can use the new tools to function more effectively, focusing on how they extend and improve existing management workflows and expertise.

About Russell Doty

A technology strategist and product manager at Red Hat, working on the next generation of open source systems.
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