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OpenLMI: HWInfo Working as Intended on Virtual Machine

I was recently told that someone had installed OpenLMI and it wasn’t working. They ran the hwinfo command to test the installation and it wasn’t reporting the correct information – most of the information was reported as “not specified” or … Continue reading

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Operational Integrity

Introducing Operational Integrity Let’s take the next step in integrity and look at the integrity of running systems over the life of an application service – operational integrity. So far we have talked about applications as software. An application service … Continue reading

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Application and System Integrity

We have defined integrity as one of the three pillars of IT. Now let’s define what we mean by application and system integrity: The application returns the expected results. Applications and data are available to authorized users. Access and modification … Continue reading

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User Needs

In the last post we postulated that business value is created by users running applications which provide value added transformations of data. Users need three things from applications: Availability Performance Integrity Of course, applications depend on the entire IT infrastructure. … Continue reading

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Creating Business Value

Let’s take a look at the bigger picture, starting with a somewhat philosophical perspective: Why do companies have computers? Why do they have IT? As a starting point, companies are looking for business value. Business value can be defined as … Continue reading

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Security means keeping the Bad Guys out, right? Locking down the system so that it is difficult to use and turning on SELinux. And forcing users to comply with security policies they don’t understand and which interfere with their ability … Continue reading

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