Russell Doty is a Technology Strategist and Product Manager at Red Hat. He is currently focused on challenges around systems manageability and security, addressing both technical and usability issues.

He has been heavily involved in the technology of computing, with a background in high performance computing, visualization, and computer hardware. Over the last several years he has worked closely with leading hardware developers and the Open Source community. Helping companies with a strong closed source background learn how to embrace and effectively engage with Open Source is an interesting challenge!

He is active in the ACM, where he is a past president of the Boston chapter. As part of delivering ACM Professional Development Seminars he has worked closely with leading practitioners of Lean and Agile software development methodologies. He is active in learning how to apply these approaches to Open Source software development – this isn’t as easy as it looks!

Favorite quote: Question – How do you herd cats? Answer – You don’t herd cats. You put them where the mice are and let nature take its course!

Articles posted here represent my personal opinions and observations. They do not represent Red Hat or any other entity or organization. All posts to this blog are licensed under the CC-BY-SA 3.0 license

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