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Security Specifications

The previous article introduced security audits, which are actually audits of security specifications. There are many potential sources for security specifications. Some of them are government standards. For example, in the United States, HIPAA, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability … Continue reading

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Computer Security Audits

In conversations with large companies and small companies, literature review and looking at best practices for security, one of the most common tools that essentially everyone uses is a security audit. In most cases the security audit is performed regularly … Continue reading

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LISA14 – Simplified Remote Management of Linux Servers

I am giving a talk on Simplified Remote Management of Linux Servers at the upcoming LISA14 conference in Seattle, which runs from November 9-14. My talk is 9:45-10:30am on Friday, November 14. LISA is Large Installation System Administration SIG of … Continue reading

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Yellow Sticky of Doom in the Cloud

The password managers we discussed in the last post are a good start. If you only use one system a local password database is all you need. Most people have multiple “devices” – a PC, a laptop, a smartphone, a … Continue reading

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