New OpenLMI Web Site

I usually hate announcements  of web site redesigns – “to enhance readability  we have moved to Pretentious_Obscure_Font and changed the borders”…

But I think you will like what we’ve done at

First, we’ve totally redone the site navigation. There are now three major components – an introduction and overview, OpenLMI for system administrators, and OpenLMI for developers.  As OpenLMI matures we will talk more about using it, as well as our ongoing focus on core technology development.

Second, we have moved to an adaptive template. The site is now much more usable on mobile devices – try it on your tablet and phone! There are a lot of changes under the hood that you don’t care about and I won’t bore you with.

Third, we are looking for feedback. Let us know how we can make the site even better. And if we’ve broken anything we want to know about it!

About Russell Doty

A technology strategist and product manager at Red Hat, working on the next generation of open source systems.
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