Red Hat Summit

I’m just back from Red Hat Summit in San Francisco. The event was well organized and had a great turnout.

We showed up early to check out the room where we were giving our OpenLMI presentation and to do a last dry run. (Nervous? Me? Don’t be ridiculous!) The room was huge, holding well over 200 people. Fine, plenty of extra capacity.

Then things started getting strange. A half hour before the presentation was due to start, we had over a dozen people in the room. OK, let’s talk to them and see if they are in the right place… Yes, they were. And they had questions and gave us feedback on what they wanted to hear. Well, there goes the dry run. But this was better!

By the time the presentation started the room was packed – in fact, standing room only! The presentation went well. Stephen Gallagher and I played the roles of an experienced SysAdmin and a junior SysAdmin exploring Linux system management and how OpenLMI could make life better. Much of the presentation involved showing actual LMIShell commands to perform a wide range of system management tasks – concluding with “OK, if OpenLMI is so great, can it make me a sandwich??”. The answer may be a bit surprising; ask me about it sometime.

We finished the presentation early to have time for questions – and we got great questions and ran out of time before running out of questions. We then talked to people until we were chased out of the room for the next presentation.

We had to run to the demo pod for our OpenLMI demo. We had put together a demo showing LMIShell configuring storage and networks – by an amazing coincidence, the same tasks we had shown in the presentation… We had a steady stream of people stopping by, many with solid questions.

If anyone reading this was at Red Hat Summit, thank you! We welcome any questions, comments, or suggestions you might have. And please try OpenLMI!

About Russell Doty

A technology strategist and product manager at Red Hat, working on the next generation of open source systems.
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