OpenLMI CLI Interface Now Supports Networking

The OpenLMI CLI now includes commands to configure networks.

lmi> help net

Networking service management.


net device (–help | show [<device_name> …] | list [<device_name> …])

net setting (–help | <operation> [<args>…])

net activate <caption> [<device_name>]

net deactivate <caption> [<device_name>]

net enslave <master_caption> <device_name>

net address (–help | <operation> [<args>…])

net route (–help | <operation> [<args>…])

net dns (–help | <operation> [<args>…])


device Display information about network devices.

setting Manage the network settings.

activate Activate setting on given network device.

deactivate Deactivate the setting.

enslave Create new slave setting.

address Manipulate the list of IP addresses on given setting.

route Manipulate the list of static routes on given setting.

dns Manipulate the list of DNS servers on given setting.

As you can see from the help command, you can determine what network devices are available, read and modify their configuration, and bring NICs up and down.

List network devices:

lmi> net device list

ElementName OperatingStatus MAC Address

em1 InService 3C:97:0E:4B:2E:53

lo NotAvailable 00:00:00:00:00:00

virbr0-nic NotAvailable 52:54:00:DF:BD:C4

wlp3s0 Dormant 60:67:20:C9:0B:DC

Get details on a network device:

lmi> net device show em1

Device em1:

Operating Status InService

MAC Address 3C:97:0E:4B:2E:53

IP Address

IP Address fe80::3e97:eff:fe4b:2e53/64

IP Address 2620:52:0:1238:3e97:eff:fe4b:2e53/64

Default Gateway

Default Gateway ::

Default Gateway ::

DNS Server

DNS Server

Active Setting System em1

Available Setting System em1

The LMI CLI commands for networking allow you to show the device settings, change device settings, activate and deactivate a network device, and add or remove devices to a set of  bonded or bridged devices.

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A technology strategist and product manager at Red Hat, working on the next generation of open source systems.
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