OpenLMI Meeting on IRC

Stephen Gallagher of Red Hat is organizing a weekly IRC meeting on OpenLMI. The goal of this meeting is to discuss planning and status of various OpenLMI projects, with a higher bandwidth than the OpenLMI mailing lists.

The IRC meetings provide an opportunity to ask questions, share what you are working on, and keep track of developments in the Linux manageability space. It is open to everyone – it doesn’t matter what distribution or component you are interested in, you are welcome to join.

The meeting will be every Monday at 9:00am EDT/ 13:00UTC at #openlmi on, starting on October 21, 2013.

The companion to IRC is the OpenLMI mailing list at – anyone involved in OpenLMI development should be on that list.

Finally, the OpenLMI web site at continues to be actively updated. Recent additions include new Agents, much more documentation on lmishell scripts and commands, and guides to configuring SSL and using OpenSLP for discovery.

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A technology strategist and product manager at Red Hat, working on the next generation of open source systems.
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1 Response to OpenLMI Meeting on IRC

  1. Russ Doty says:

    The first meeting was held on October 21, and was hosted by Stephen Gallagher of Red Hat.
    Klaus Kaempf of SuSE discussed what he is doing in packaging CIM related packages, including OpenLMI. Klaus also gave an overview of wbem-explorer, a CIM browser he worked on that supports both CIM/XML and WS-MAN protocols. This gives it the ability to talk to both Linux and Microsoft CIMOMs.
    The meetings are recorded, and past meetings are available at
    The next meeting is scheduled for October 28.

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